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Nonprofit Dog Rescue

You’ve been thinking about ways to help dogs in need, or perhaps you’ve been rescuing dogs on your own, and are thinking about starting a nonprofit dog rescue. It’s great that you want to help, or continue helping! That is one of the key principles of the Animal Justice League of America (AJLA): to help […]

Help Animals

Animal Justice League of America Take Major Initiative in Helping Animals The Animal Justice League of America has joined the fight in helping animals that are the victims of abuse, neglect and other acts of cruelty.  Every ten seconds an animal is the victim of abuse in the United States according to the American Society […]

Ending Animal Abuse

The Fight to End Animal Abuse Starts NOW The Animal Just League of America is on the forefront of the fight to end animal abuse.  Many other organizations have started this fight, but AJLA is out end animal abuse it once and for all through REAL accountability for those who abuse animals.  The most critical […]

Report Dog Abuse Anonymously

As we continue to say at Animal Justice League of America, “See something, say something.” But that sometimes is easier said than done.  When you see something that is done by a known criminal, most people are afraid to actually report it.  They are scared to call a police station to give them a statement […]

Abused Dog Rescue

The air began to warm as the hot summer sun peeked over the horizon. Thirty-eight little mouths began to pant in the heat of the airless trailer. If the temperature in the decrepit trailer continued to rise, these dogs would die from heat exhaustion. Some were injured, some had pregnant bellies, but all were victims […]

End Animal Cruelty

REAL Accountability For Actions Is Key In The Efforts To End Animal Cruelty Animal cruelty comes in many forms.  It’s much more then then the physical abuse we imagine of people beating animals.  Cruelty includes the conditions that many animals have to live in, their lack of food, shelter, and basic care.  Animal cruelty is […]

Helping Abused Dogs

Every day thousands of dogs across the country face abuse and suffer cruelty at the hands of humans.  Unfortunately, many of these cases go unreported, and the ones that do tend to get very little attention from law enforcement.  This is due to the lack of personnel and funding as well as substantial laws that […]

Donate to Animals in Need

Donate to Animals in Need: How You Can Help AJLA Keep Animals Safe from Domestic Violence Lisa rapped on the non-descript door with a shaky hand. The taste of blood filled her mouth. She looked down at Rusty—her faithful companion, her protector, her hope—through blackened, swollen eyes. Rusty licked her hand and wagged his tail […]

Dog Justice

Lagertha (Laggie), Justice, Lucky, and Titan – these are all names you’ve probably heard. They all have one thing in common – they suffered severe abuse at the hands of a criminal. Regardless of whether the abuser has been caught, they’re still a criminal. These dogs and so many others deserve justice for all the […]

Helping Animals

Why do we focus on helping animals?  Is it because we love animals? Is it because we’re made to help all of God’s creatures – especially those that can’t help themselves?  Or, maybe because we’ve all known the love of animals over our lives and realize that helping animals is our way of giving back. […]