Report Abuse

Reporting abuse no matter the form…child, human, animal, is important and should never be ignored.  Animal Justice League of America (AJLA) firmly believes in the “See Something Say Something” philosophy.  AJLA believes in this so much that there is a Take Action button at the top of our website where anyone can report animal abuse.  It is very important that animal abuse be reportedly immediately!

Animal abuse should not be ignored or assume someone else will report it.  Often time’s individuals will not report abuse because of fear, uncertainty of what to do or lack of resources.  In addition many people think that because there are minimal penalties or charges that can be brought against animal abusers that they will retaliate, go unpunished and/or go back to doing the same thing.  All reports of abuse to Animal Justice League of America remain strictly confidential.  Our organization respects the privacy of the citizens reporting abuse, and acknowledges that without these individuals we would not be able to bring justice to the abused animals.  What many people don’t know is that there is evidence that often the same individuals that abuse animals have or will also abuse humans.  That is why it is so important that if anyone sees an animal being abused that they should report it to local authorities immediately.  Then follow it up by reporting it to Animal Justice League of America.

Our organization, Animal Justice League of America, was created to help bring an end to animal abuse and REAL ACCOUNTABILITY for animal abusers throughout all 50 states.   We work with animal welfare organizations like shelters and rescue groups to save dogs from abusive situations.  We also work with law enforcement to make sure the law is upheld and strict penalties are given to animal abusers.  The efforts of Animal Justice League of America are growing quickly.  The primary mission of this non-profit organization is to end animal abuse through REAL ACCOUNTABILITY.  Animal Justice League of America works to pursue meaningful legal action against animal abusers.  TAKE ACTION – See Something, Say Something!  Follow and support the organization as they begin to make history in the war against animal abuse and give a voice to the countless animals that would be voiceless otherwise.


Content Written By Trudy Parrish

Report Animal Abuse Online

It is common to hear people talk about “see something, say something.” Yes, it has been heard mostly with the reporting of bullying, but this simple statement can be utilized for any aspect of wrongdoing that should be reported — especially animal abuse.  Animal abuse occurs in all species and breeds of animals, but most commonly with dogs, cats, horses, and livestock. Abuse can be a result of a hoarding situation, organized abuse (such as dog fighting rings), or intentional acts.

It is not surprising to learn that the majority of animal abuse cases are never reported! It is because of this that the Animal Justice League of America (“AJLA”) has stepped up — to be the voice for those who are voiceless! It is time to stop the violence towards animals. It is our mission to make people be accountable for their actions. We will work with the prosecuting attorneys to ensure that justice prevails. We will work with legislative members to assist in providing stricter laws and regulations related to the treatment of animals and animal abuse.

How can you assist in fighting animal abuse? Report it! It is simple to do: go online to; hover over the “Take Action” tab and click on “Report Abuse.” Here, you will submit information concerning the abuse. All reports of abuse are treated confidentially. Each report is taken seriously and will be investigated thoroughly. We cannot be everywhere at once, which is why we rely on the good citizens of this country to stand up and report abuse. We depend on each and every one of you to help us battle animal abuse — if you see something, say something!

Please like and follow AJLA on Facebook. We will continue to update our followers on our upcoming projects and events as well as the existing cases of abuse that are being worked on. You will be on the front line assisting in providing justice. Justice is coming — will you join us in the fight?

Content Provided By Nicole Eaton

Nonprofit Dog Rescue

You’ve been thinking about ways to help dogs in need, or perhaps you’ve been rescuing dogs on your own, and are thinking about starting a nonprofit dog rescue. It’s great that you want to help, or continue helping! That is one of the key principles of the Animal Justice League of America (AJLA): to help animals by accountability, education, and purposeful activism!

It takes time and patience and self sacrifice to build, run, and manage a rescue. A nonprofit rescue can take up to a year to set up, paperwork wise. You want to begin by determining if there is a need for a nonprofit dog rescue in your area or if you would be best suited to volunteer with an existing nonprofit. There are several things to consider in either scenario. We hope that the following article helps you to start on your journey to either establishing your own nonprofit dog rescue or finding an established, reputable nonprofit dog rescue to become involved in!

If there isn’t an established, reputable nonprofit dog rescue in your area and there are homeless, abandoned, in high kill shelter dogs in need; you may be in the perfect position to start a nonprofit dog rescue and impact many human and canine lives! The first step in this situation is to do a LOT of research. Creating, managing, and networking any type of animal rescue is an extensive undertaking. Once you have researched nonprofit business management, identified the issue(s) you want to address, and have a loose outline on how you would like to address those issues, you are ready to start putting your plan into action!

You would, then, work to gather a group of like minded people that becomes your core support group. Some of those people will, eventually, become the board of directors for your organization. You would begin to identify what you do best, what the needs of the rescue are (remember it is a business, like any other), and form your core group based on balancing the needs of the dogs and the rescue with the talents of yourself and your team. These are the first steps, of many, on the road to establishing a nonprofit dog rescue.

If there is a nonprofit rescue (or more than one) in your area that are already helping to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs in your area, you can volunteer with them to help accomplish great things if your mission and values align! In this scenario you would want to research their online presence; look at their website, Twitter, Facebook, PetFinder, etc.

What is their mission statement? Is it something your values align with? How do they approach fundraising? Do they have a balanced approach of positive posts/happy endings and education/emergent cases? Who is on their leadership team? How do they conduct themselves, generally and on their own social media accounts? Do their actions match their words? Are they a part of the Animal Justice League of America (AJLA) network?

Start a conversation with some of their volunteers, their leadership team, and find out what is needed. You might find the perfect place for yourself within their organization. Follow your heart but listen to your head. If you do not agree with something that is going on, ask questions. You may need to volunteer with several different rescues in order to find the best fit for you.

Rescue is hard work, either way. There are few things in this world that are more satisfying than rescuing an animal that had no other hope, getting it to full health, fostering it to establish or rebuild trust, and then finding it its perfect forever home. That, in a nutshell, is the only reason to do rescue, nonprofit or otherwise: to enrich the lives of the animals you rescue. It isn’t about ego, pride, or accolades. It’s about the dogs. It’s about giving a voice to the voiceless.

Animal Justice League of America prides ourselves on working with quality dog rescues throughout the nation.  If you are interested in helping with our mission, please help our cause my volunteering your efforts or donating to AJLA.  We appreciate your support.


Content provided by Ericka Helmer

Help Animals

Animal Justice League of America Take Major Initiative in Helping Animals

The Animal Justice League of America has joined the fight in helping animals that are the victims of abuse, neglect and other acts of cruelty.  Every ten seconds an animal is the victim of abuse in the United States according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).  That’s over 3 million instances of abuse each year.

It is our duty and responsibility to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Helping animals is the reason AJLA was founded.  After Shane Rudman had rescued Lucky the Pitbull, he knew it was his mission to start a change.  After Laggie was abused, he put the idea into action and Animal Justice League of America was formed.  At AJLA we have made it our mission to ensure that those who abuse animals are truly held accountable for their actions.  Everyone can get onboard heling animals with AJLA.  We are asking that everyone take the initiative to report animal abuse and cruelty to the Animal Justice League on our website.  We have created this centralized reporting location so that we can work to ensure REAL accountability.  In addition, we are helping animals by trying to strengthen animal abuse laws and ensure they are upheld and those convicted receive strict punishment.

If we all take the step and pledge to report animal abuse and cruelty, we will be making a difference in helping animals now and in the future.  Reducing and eliminating animal abuse is the single biggest thing we call can do to help animals, but we have to do it together.

If you would like to donate to help animals, please click the “Take Action” tab at the top of our website, then click “Donate.”  We are a non-profit organization that does require funds from amazing people around the country to continue saving these voiceless animals.  Help us continue to be their voice.  Help us continue our fight for justice.

Ending Animal Abuse

The Fight to End Animal Abuse Starts NOW

The Animal Just League of America is on the forefront of the fight to end animal abuse.  Many other organizations have started this fight, but AJLA is out end animal abuse it once and for all through REAL accountability for those who abuse animals.  The most critical part of this fight is to AJLA’s message out to the public that they need to act when they see animal abuse and report it.  The Animal Justice League encourages the public to get involved and report animal abuse to their Facebook page or website  Reporting animal abuse and cruelty is the first step in holding those who abuse accountable in the fight to end animal abuse.

Many states and local jurisdictions don’t have uniformed means of reporting animal abuse.  It can even change within the same jurisdiction depending on the person or department you speak to.  In addition, animal abuse and cruelty can be defined differently from place to place.  There is not an animal abuse hotline people can make reports to.  That is until now.  The Animal Justice League of America has created their own hotline available to everyone across the United States to make reports of animal abuse to one organization that will see to it that these case are investigated and those that abuse are made accountable for their actions.  AJLA is out to end animal abuse NOW.

We all want to see a world where animal abuse is no longer a problem.  In order for us to see that day, we need your help.  We will continue the fight, but please help us get our message out.  See something – Say Something!  As always, please continue to like, follow, and share our posts.  It takes a village!

Report Dog Abuse Anonymously

As we continue to say at Animal Justice League of America, “See something, say something.” But that sometimes is easier said than done.  When you see something that is done by a known criminal, most people are afraid to actually report it.  They are scared to call a police station to give them a statement because they know nothing will be done, the only thing that will be done is they could be known as a “snitch.”  They are scared a target will then be placed on them for bringing unwanted attention to a possibly violent criminal.  We understand!  The system in the past has been flawed.  That is why at Animal Justice League of America we have made an easy way to report animal abuse online and anonymously!

At AJLA we understand the concerns.  We have seen first hand the issues that people who witness abuse and report it can face with violent criminals.  It is a known fact that people who abuse animals also abuse people.  That is why we’re here to help.  Under our “take action” page there is a tab to “Report Abuse.”  The information you provide on our site will remain anonymous.  We will continue to investigate your report.

Studies have shown that:

  • Animal abusers have a mental disturbance
  • Murders often start out with torturing or killing animals as children
  • Aggressive and violent criminals generally abused animals as kids
  • Abusers generally target those who are powerless
    • Crimes against animals usually go hand in hand with crimes towards children, spouses, and elderly.
  • Parents who abuse and/or neglect animals generally subject their children to similar situations.
  • Women who have been abused have reported their abuser also injured their animals. One in four of these women stayed with the abusers for fear of leaving their companion animal behind.

Animal Justice League of America WILL put an end to animal abuse.  We will no longer allow communities to turn a blind eye to the abuse.  We will work with local prosecutors’ offices to press charges against these criminals.  We will work with local, state and federal governments to pass stricter animal abuse laws.  We WILL bring justice to the voiceless.  All we need is your help.  Please bring attention to cases of dog abuse by making a report on our website.

Abused Dog Rescue

The air began to warm as the hot summer sun peeked over the horizon. Thirty-eight little mouths began to pant in the heat of the airless trailer. If the temperature in the decrepit trailer continued to rise, these dogs would die from heat exhaustion. Some were injured, some had pregnant bellies, but all were victims of abuse, victims of hoarding and neglect.

Thankfully, a team of superheroes were on their way to carry out this abused dog rescue.

A tip from an Animal Justice League of America advocate incited a local abused dog rescue shelter to save these tiny lives. The volunteers gently placed dogs into kennels and carriers and loaded them onto the van. Thanks to this AJLA advocate, this abused dog rescue would mark the beginning of a new, happy life for these little ones.

It takes a lot of people to make abused dog rescues like this happen. From the Good Samaritan who reported the neglect to law enforcement to the whole team of kind-hearted people from the shelter, this abused dog rescue was a team effort. Every person mattered and made a difference in rescuing these neglected dogs.

One of the most important parts of an abused dog rescue is reporting the abuse. If you witness any kind of dog cruelty or neglect, report it immediately. AJLA is working tirelessly to end animal abuse, and we need you to help us carry out abused dog rescues by letting us know what you’ve seen or heard.

You can be a part of an abused dog rescue by visiting the AJLA website at and reporting abuse. Or you can join the Animal Justice League of America advocate’s group and help support abused dog rescue by teaching others about AJLA. Animal Justice League of America is growing an incredible team of advocates that play a huge part in abused dog rescues. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all of our abused dog rescues.

Sadly, there are a lot of abused dogs out there that need our help. Will you please join our abused dog rescue and be their superhero?

Content Written by Sara Zimmerman

End Animal Cruelty

REAL Accountability For Actions Is Key In The Efforts To End Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty comes in many forms.  It’s much more then then the physical abuse we imagine of people beating animals.  Cruelty includes the conditions that many animals have to live in, their lack of food, shelter, and basic care.  Animal cruelty is any condition that inflicts physical or mental pain and stress on an animal, and it must end NOW.  We are all responsible in the quest to end animal cruelty.  The Animal Justice League of America has stepped up their efforts to end animal cruelty and abuse.

Individuals who suspect animal cruelty are urged to contact AJLA and report their observations.  The Animal Justice League’s Facebook page and website, accept reports of animal cruelty and abuse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our non-profit organization provides a centralized location to make reports and works to end animal cruelty.  We want to make sure that those who harm animals face REAL accountability for their actions.

Between 2004 and 2008 just over 10,000 arrests were made in the United States for animal cruelty according to the Humane Society of the United States.  This is astounding when you think that over 2,000 dogs die each year as part of suspected dog fighting rings.  There are several reasons why the number of animal cruelty arrests are so low.  Animal hoarders and puppy mill operators rarely face charges.  Many individuals involved in dog fighting rings are taken on charges that come with much steeper penalties then animal abuse and cruelty. In order to end animal cruelty for good it is important that people report what they see to the Animal Justice League of America.  AJLA will do our part to make sure that individuals are held accountable and that stronger laws are in place and enforced to punish those who abuse animals.  Together we can end animal cruelty.

Helping Abused Dogs

Every day thousands of dogs across the country face abuse and suffer cruelty at the hands of humans.  Unfortunately, many of these cases go unreported, and the ones that do tend to get very little attention from law enforcement.  This is due to the lack of personnel and funding as well as substantial laws that hold animal abusers accountable for their actions.  The Animal Justice League of America has stepped in to fill this void and work helping abused dogs find relief and justice.

The Animal Justice League is a dedicated all volunteer group giving their time, talent and treasure helping abused dogs across the country.  We urge all individuals who witness or even suspect animal abuse to report it to our “Report Abuse” page on our website.  This is the first step in helping abused dogs.  AJLA has created a network of people to help investigate cases of animal abuse and work with local law enforcement.  We see to it that those who abuse animals are held accountable for their actions.  We are work helping abused dogs by trying to change laws and get harsher punishments for those that abuse animals.  However, we can only make this possible with the help of those who witness animal abuse reporting what they see.  Together, AJLA and the public will be helping abused dogs get justice and abusers being held accountable for their actions.  Please report all suspected animal abuse to the Animal Justice League of America on our website.

We appreciate your help in our fight against animal abuse.  Since we are a non-profit organization, a lot of our resources require funding from heartfelt donations.  If you feel drawn to make a donation, please visit our Donate Now link on our website.  We accept payments through paypal, and yes!  We are a 501(c)3 organization!  This is just another way that you can help abused dogs.  We appreciate your support!

Donate to Animals in Need

Donate to Animals in Need: How You Can Help AJLA Keep Animals Safe from Domestic Violence

Lisa rapped on the non-descript door with a shaky hand. The taste of blood filled her mouth. She looked down at Rusty—her faithful companion, her protector, her hope—through blackened, swollen eyes. Rusty licked her hand and wagged his tail as if to say, “we’re safe now.” In that moment, Lisa knew everything would be all right.

Thankfully, this shelter had the resources to accept Lisa and her companion, but many don’t. Studies show that animal violence often leads to other forms of domestic violence, so these victims may also need safety for their beloved pets. Unfortunately, many people are forced to leave their animals with the abuser. Animal Justice League of America is working to keep animals safe by providing women’s shelters with the resources to welcome animals.

Often when people think about donating to animals in need, they think about donating time, money, pet food, toys, etc. to animal shelters. These are incredible ways to donate to animals in need and are a tremendous way to help hundreds of animals.

But there are other powerful ways to donate to animals in need. When you support Animal Justice League of America, you are donating to animals in need by helping us ensure women’s shelters are equipped with the resources to accept pets.

Animal Justice League of America knows how important it is to be able to keep people and their pets together. Some people may not want to leave a dangerous situation for fear their pet may be harmed, or maybe their pet is their only source of support and comfort. If separated, the pets may be endangered, depressed, or frightened which may lead to aggression. By supporting AJLA, you donate to animals in need by helping people and their pets stay together.

There are so many other ways AJLA can help you donate to animals in need. Donations to Animal Justice League of America also go toward veterinary care, emergency animal abuse response and free spay/neuter programs.

Follow AJLA on Facebook and visit the “donations” tab on our website at to see all the ways your donation helps. You can donate to animals in need by helping AJLA provide resources to women’s shelters and ensuring the safety of both people and animals.

For many, our animals are our light, our hope, our companions. They need protecting just as much as we do. Help AJLA enable women’s shelters to welcome pets into their safety. Because sometimes all we need is the wag of a tail and a lick on the hand to know that everything is going to be all right.