The Dogs of Olpe

The Animal Justice League of America received a tip from one of our advocates about a possible puppy mill in Olpe, Kansas.  The tipster’s daughter had found two dogs in a dumpster.  One of them was dead, the other severely in need of veterinary care.  Animal control took the surviving dog to a nearby town for medical care, but that was the end of it – or so our tipster thought.  She was frustrated that the local departments continued to respond that it wasn’t in their jurisdiction, so they reached out to AJLA thinking it would be their ‘last ditch attempt’ to receive help.

We worked with our tipster to get as much information as possible and we went to work. The first thing our team did was to contact the veterinarian’s office in Emporia, KS.  The veterinarian was unable to provide AJLA any information other than we needed to contact the Sherriff’s office.  After a little bit of work, they finally agreed to send a deputy to work with AJLA!  We reached out to Unleashed Pet Rescue and created a plan to save the dogs.  Unfortunately, the dog at the vet’s office lost his battle and could not be saved.  But that didn’t stop us!  Danielle with Unleashed personally went to Olpe, KS to meet with Deputy Titus.  When they reached Olpe, they hit the ground running.

Danielle met with neighbors while waiting for the dog’s owner to arrive home.  She found that this was not a puppy mill case at all, it was a hoarding situation.  The neighbors were all understandably frustrated.  There were over 20 dogs barking at all hours of the day and night.  The “owner” was rarely home and would not regularly feed and water the dogs.  It didn’t take long for Danielle and Deputy Titus to put a plan together.

When the “owner” arrived, she was instructed to turn all of the animals over to be rescued.  The county only allows three dogs per residence, so they agreed that she could keep three of them, with the caveat that they would all be fixed and vetted before returning to her.  As Danielle and Deputy Titus entered the property, they found that the hoarding situation was worse than they had anticipated.  There were 38 dogs that were in the tiny trailer.  They did not have food, water, or circulating air.  Three of the dogs were pregnant.  Danielle loaded up 17 of the dogs on her first trip, then returned the following day to rescue the remaining pups.

Within 24 hours of the initial tip 17 dogs were saved!  Within 48 hours of the initial call 38 dogs were saved!  They were all properly vetted then put up for adoption at Unleashed Pet Rescue.

The Dogs of Olpe serve a great reminder – See Something, Say Something!  Reach out to Animal Justice League of America to report animal abuse.