It’s time to END animal abuse through REAL accountability!

Animal abusers – that starts with YOU, right NOW (and that’s a good thing).


We are here to make the world a better place. Because of that, we believe in forgiveness, mercy, and moving forward.

We believe in JUSTICE that delivers long-lasting IMPACT. 

If you are an animal abuser, we offer YOU two very clear paths to choose from.

The first option is the easy way out, the smart way that gives you a future, and the one that can position you for better times ahead. 

It offers you an opportunity to take responsibility for your actions, remedy the situation to the the maximum extent possible, and serve as a public example of why others in your situation should make better choices.

That includes:

  • Accepting 100% responsibility for your actions
  • Pleading guilty to the maximum charges brought by your district attorney
  • Recording a full and sincere video confession to be released to the public and leveraged to educate others
  • Participating in press interviews and one or more press conferences

The second option is all about REAL and lasting consequences that follow you for life. It’s about AJLA taking EVERY action to ensure the most severe penalties possible are applied.

It will be YOU against a team of legal experts, legislators, district attorneys, law enforcement professionals, and us seeking unrelenting justice for the animal you abused, including a seven-figure plus civil suit on top of criminal proceedings.

If you choose this option, the results will NOT be in your favor. 

But you have a choice you can make right now. Choose the right path, do the right thing, and work with us to make things better. 

Choose wrong and justice will find you, and you will not win. 

Get started working with us now. You know what to do.