Results. Impact. Justice.

You want results and you want to have an impact. So do we, and we won’t stop until we end animal abuse through real justice and accountability.

We operate AJLA with a singular focus on accountability and results. Here’s what we know: donors (us included) want all organizations to be accountable and deliver results. We believe impact and results are the only things that really count, and we hold ourselves publicly and personally accountable for each.

Anything short of stopping animal abuse is failure to us. AJLA is how we express our calling to save MILLIONS of animals and families from abuse and bring abusers and, when necessary, law enforcement to justice. We believe in our operating mission so passionately that everyone who is a part of AJLA has agreed to either volunteer their time and talents or raise their own financial support for their first year.

We are stewards of resources and lives.

We recognize that when you give to AJLA to help end animal abuse, we are stewards of your resources. You’ve worked hard for your dollars and you want them to deliver a meaningful impact in saving the lives of millions of animals.

Beyond resources, we know we are stewards of the lives of the animals that depend on us to make every second, every call, every action, and every dollar count. Because of this, we will not fail.

Your Team

Your team at Animal Justice League of America is a team of business minded people with hearts full of love for animals. We know how to run a business, generate results, make money, and grow from the ground up. We’ve made millions and given millions and we know that all organizations – for-profit and nonprofit – must operate like a business.

We know we will succeed because failure is not an option. These animals need us and we can – and will – deliver for them!

If we can save MILLIONS of animals from abuse – and we will – will you join us? We will succeed no matter what, but we would love to do it with you on our side!

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Your Donation Helps With:

  • Veterinary Bills
  • Legal Fees
  • Training Law Enforcement
  • Shelter Assistance
  • Shelter Training
  • Assessing Shelters/Rescues
  • Community Animal Education
  • Outreach Projects
  • Emergency Abuse Response
  • Abuse Prevention
  • Breeder Assistance
  • Shutting Down Puppy Mills
  • Free Spay/Neuter Programs
  • Overturning BSL
  • Kennels for Women’s Shelters