Animal Abuse Predicts Human Abuse and Violent Crimes

It makes intuitive sense that people who harm animals are more likely to also harm people, and a large number of studies actually backs up that idea.

Here’s what studies have to say:

-43% of those who commit school massacres also committed acts of cruelty to animals

(Arluke, A., & Madfis, E. (2014). Animal Abuse as a Warning Sign of School Massacres: A Critique and Refinement. Homicide Studies18(1), 7–22.

-71% of women reporting domestic abuse revealed that their abuser hurt or killed their pet first.

(Walton-Moss, B. J., Manganello, J., Frye, V., & Campbell, J. C. (2005). “Risk factors for intimate partner violence and associated injury among urban women.” Journal of Community Health, 30(5), 377–389.)

-88% of families facing child abuse reported the abuser previously hurt animals on purpose.

(DeViney, E., Dickert, J., & Lockwood, R. (1983). ‘The care of pets within child abusing families.” International Journal for the Study of Animal Problems, 4, 3321–3329.)

-65% of animal abuse suspects have been arrested for battery in the past.

(Degenhardt, B. 2005. Statistical Summary of Offenders Charged with Crimes against Companion Animals July 2001-July 2005. Report from the Chicago Police Department.)

-46% of convicted murders admit to hurting and killing animals for enjoyment before their arrest.

(Cohen, W. (1996). Congressional Register, 142(141), Oct. 3.)