Lucky’s Story

(Warning: The following story contains graphic content.) 

On March 1, 2016, the pit bull named “Lucky” was brought to the Blue Pearl in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. He was severely emaciated, and had been shot in the face and legs. As veterinary technicians worked to save him, it became clear he had escaped a horrible situation.

Lucky’s owner had abandoned him, leaving Lucky in a locked house with no food for more than a month. Lucky had escaped by chewing through 2 doors and breaking through a window. When he chased a nearby farmer’s livestock – no doubt hungry – the farmer shot him, fracturing a paw and opening a large wound on his muzzle, burying shrapnel in multiple places on his body. He also had a large hole in his tongue, probably from the ordeal of escaping his horrific situation.

The vets at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Kansas City had to splint and bandage Lucky’s leg daily, and as people got to know him, they realized just how fitting “Lucky’s” name was.

Local law enforcement visited the home Lucky escaped from and found a floor covered in several weeks’ worth of feces. Lucky and another dog he had been locked up with had been frantic to escape. With no access to food and water, they were both extremely malnourished, with ribs visibly sticking out.

Despite having been abandoned, abused, and mistreated, though, Lucky was responding well to treatment and proving to be a sweet, affectionate patient. Even after all he had been though, all Lucky wanted was to be loved. He patiently allowed vets to treat him, leaning in to be petted, licking faces, and enjoying every moment of care.

As happens in cases like these, vet bills added up quickly. Even though Lucky’s stay in the intensive care unit of the hospital was relatively short, round-the-clock care by a vet tech and doctor, including regular treatment and examinations, added up to thousands of dollars. Blue Pearl had to ask for donations to help offset costs.

Lucky’s New Lease On Life 

After spending 4 days in emergency vet care, Lucky went into the care of the Rudman family. They cared for Lucky during his recovery and quickly fell in love with his “never give up,” loyal attitude and his loving, gentle personality. They adopted him on March 17, and with proper feeding and care, Lucky recuperated physically and emotionally.

His “fur mom” writes, “Watching him inhale his food, playing with his new bear toy, and just seeing him heal in general was incredibly fulfilling. I loved mothering him…and he sure loved being mothered.” Today, Lucky loves to swim and take rides on the family golf cart. He has found his forever home, and his family feels incredibly lucky to have him.