What does AJLA do?

Animal Justice League of America is working to end animal abuse through REAL accountability.  We will give a voice to the voiceless and shine a bright light on the animal abusers and the law enforcement process.  We work with local shelters, veterinarians, law enforcement, and the public to help animals in need, provide the proper care, and hold the abusers accountable for mistreatment.  AJLA also works diligently to help shelters and rescues work toward becoming no-kill and becoming thriving non-profit organizations.

How long does the “justice” process take for each case?  

The short answer: there is no concrete answer.

Justice is coming, but justice takes longer than any of us would like, and each animal’s case and details are unique and will take various amounts of time to achieve the outcome we desire.  We believe it is more important for things to be done right instead of fast.  We will bring justice as fast as possible, but we will not sacrifice our long term success for short term gain.  AJLA is committed to do everything legally and morally possible to end animal abuse through REAL accountability.  We are working on cases nationwide, all at the same time.  We are committed to following through in each and every case we accept to take on.  Although we would like to accept every case that is submitted, there is a selection process for which certain cases are taken on at this time.  As we grow it is important for us to remain flexible so we can keep investigating as many cases as possible. Sometimes we will have to move or change the order of cases to improve the overall outcome for all our cases.  

Where are you located?

Animal Justice League of America was founded in Kansas City, Missouri metro area. However, we are a nationwide non-profit organization. 

Who started AJLA?  

Shane Rudman and his family had the idea about creating the Animal Justice League of America after they took in Lucky the Pitbull.  The movement came to fruition when the Rudmans began fostering Laggie, at which time they decided “enough was enough” when it came to people abusing animals.  AJLA was officially founded!  Read more about Laggie’s story here and Lucky’s story here.

Why should I help? 

Animal abuse happens every day, nationwide (and worldwide).  It is a major problem causes millions of animals to be hurt or injured, usually by people who will go on to hurt their significant others and children (read more on this here). Putting an end to animal abuse takes a village. Together, we can make a change and live in a world where animal abuse is no longer brushed under the rug.

Where can I donate?

Click here for our donations page. 

Are my donations tax deductible?  

Yes, Animal Justice League of America is a 501(c)(3) organization.

You will find our GuideStar information here and our 501(c)(3) letter of approval here.

Does AJLA just investigate all animal abuse cases or just pit bulls? 

Animal Justice League of America fights for justice for ALL animals.  Sadly, an overwhelming number of animal victims suffering abuse are pit bulls.  Click here to learn more on why.  If you would like to report an incident of animal abuse, please submit your information here

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to help!  Follow, Share, Donate, Volunteer.  Each step is an important part to the Animal Justice League of America movement. 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, share the posts.  By doing this, you allow us to reach your friends and family who might not have heard about AJLA.  The stronger our numbers, the more we can achieve!

Donations also play a vital role.  Without donations, we would not be able to continue our mission to end animal abuse. Veterinary bills, legal expenses, outreach missions, shelter assistance and training, and emergency abuse response all require funds to orchestrate.  Each donation is valued and appreciated and helps our movement continue to support animals nationwide. 

Our AJLA Advocates play a large role in our success.  We have numerous ways to help, so if you are interested in joining us, please fill out the form here.