Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow Animal Justice League of America to regularly be in contact with members of the public, including those who might not be familiar with us yet.  The use of social media allows us to:

  • Continue to grow our network. Did you know that over 90% of people trust their friends’ recommendations, when only 40% trust ads?  With our AJLA advocates regularly sharing our posts, our network will continue to grow. 
  • Provide regular updates for our supporters. We work very hard to keep our supporters up to date with press conferences, events, and current cases, though sometimes details of our cases cannot be shared until the case is resolved due to ongoing legal and investigative issues.   
  • Easily reach supporters nationwide. It takes “a village” to tackle animal abuse!
  • We seek to share positive stories and ideas via our Facebook page. We will never show graphic photos or share abuse details that some may not want to see. Instead, we seek to remind our followers of “the good” in the world and the positive things dogs bring out in us all. Good always wins in the end!

The majority of our supporters and future supporters are already on Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis.  The use of social media allows us to keep everyone up to date on the latest and greatest parts of our movement, but we need your help!  How can you help?  Like our Facebook page!  Follow our Instagram!  Share our posts!  Spread the word.  Help us make Animal Justice League of America’s mission continue to be a reality.