To end ALL animal abuse through REAL accountability.


Everyday we wake up envisioning a world free of animal abuse. We believe that an army of advocates with unmatched passion, dedication, and expertise in law enforcement, legal, rescue, veterinary medicine, public policy, and other areas can save millions of animal lives. We believe being a true partner with law enforcement is the fastest way to improve the image and lives of those in law enforcement and ending animal abuse.

Because we believe these things, we:

  • Empower advocates to make real change in their communities
  • Take action, not just talk
  • Partner with law enforcement officers (LEOs) and organizations to assist with investigations, build experience, and create prosecutable cases

Our Vision For Law Enforcement

For our law enforcement partners, we see wearing the badge as a symbol of pride and care for the community. We see your communities and the people you protect respecting you and being grateful for what you do. We see a partnership to change the world and your contribution towards ending animal abuse as your commitment to a better future.

Because we believe these things, we:

  • Magnify law enforcement’s image in the community through association with AJLA and through real results
  • Offer aspiring detectives high-quality investigating experience and help building deliverable and prosecutable cases
  • Help recruit and keep high-quality law enforcement officers in your departments by accelerating the career path and improving your image

Our Vision For Communities

We see communities free from ALL abuse, not just animal abuse. We see all people and law enforcement trusting in each other and working together to end abuse of all kinds. In short, we see communities respecting all people, all animals, and all law enforcement for the greater good and a better world.