Donate to Animals in Need

Donate to Animals in Need: How You Can Help AJLA Keep Animals Safe from Domestic Violence

Lisa rapped on the non-descript door with a shaky hand. The taste of blood filled her mouth. She looked down at Rusty—her faithful companion, her protector, her hope—through blackened, swollen eyes. Rusty licked her hand and wagged his tail as if to say, “we’re safe now.” In that moment, Lisa knew everything would be all right.

Thankfully, this shelter had the resources to accept Lisa and her companion, but many don’t. Studies show that animal violence often leads to other forms of domestic violence, so these victims may also need safety for their beloved pets. Unfortunately, many people are forced to leave their animals with the abuser. Animal Justice League of America is working to keep animals safe by providing women’s shelters with the resources to welcome animals.

Often when people think about donating to animals in need, they think about donating time, money, pet food, toys, etc. to animal shelters. These are incredible ways to donate to animals in need and are a tremendous way to help hundreds of animals.

But there are other powerful ways to donate to animals in need. When you support Animal Justice League of America, you are donating to animals in need by helping us ensure women’s shelters are equipped with the resources to accept pets.

Animal Justice League of America knows how important it is to be able to keep people and their pets together. Some people may not want to leave a dangerous situation for fear their pet may be harmed, or maybe their pet is their only source of support and comfort. If separated, the pets may be endangered, depressed, or frightened which may lead to aggression. By supporting AJLA, you donate to animals in need by helping people and their pets stay together.

There are so many other ways AJLA can help you donate to animals in need. Donations to Animal Justice League of America also go toward veterinary care, emergency animal abuse response and free spay/neuter programs.

Follow AJLA on Facebook and visit the “donations” tab on our website at to see all the ways your donation helps. You can donate to animals in need by helping AJLA provide resources to women’s shelters and ensuring the safety of both people and animals.

For many, our animals are our light, our hope, our companions. They need protecting just as much as we do. Help AJLA enable women’s shelters to welcome pets into their safety. Because sometimes all we need is the wag of a tail and a lick on the hand to know that everything is going to be all right.