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Case Details – Lagertha

Stacie Brewer McGinley, Former Owner of Laggie  Jeffrey Ray Smith, Accused Shooter of Laggie   Thursday, April 26, 2018 – Dale Carter and his son heard 2 gunshots while Mushroom hunting in the area of Bluff Woods in St. Joseph, MO. They went to investigate and came upon a white female pitbull sitting up with […]

AJLA Etiquette Guidelines

At Animal Justice League of America we are working to end animal abuse through REAL accountability. As we continue to grow and continue to make strides against animal abusers, we understand that we will continue to see personalities of more and more people in our network.  We ask that all members of our AJLA Community […]

Urgent: Veterinarians needed!

Needed by September 1 Due to retirement, illness, and family changes/issues all happening simultaneously, the need for these positions at Angel’s Vet Express is URGENT: Veterinarians looking for full time employment Retired veterinarians looking to work part time Veterinarians that can give 1 day a week from their current practice to keep this covered until […]

The Rudman Rescue Story

     I’ve always loved animals. Growing up in North Carolina, my dad was a police officer and K-9 trainer for our local police department, so I was around a lot of dogs throughout my childhood. Most 16 year olds want a car for their 16th birthday…not me, I wanted a horse. I met the […]

Nonprofit Organizations Animals

Animal Justice League of America: The New Face of Animal Nonprofit Organizations What if we could stop animal abuse before it happened? What if abusers were held accountable for their actions and feared legal prosecution? What if no more animals ever had to experience hunger, hurt, or fear? Animal Justice League of America is making […]

The Success of Lunch for the League

WOW!  We are overwhelmed by the amazing turn out supporting Animal Justice League of America!  We would like to say a BIG thank you to all our Advocates and supporters who came out to Wally’s Drafthouse to support AJLA. Another big thank you goes to Wally’s and Treats Unleashed.  We appreciate you! In case you […]

Lunch for the League

Are you looking for a great way to support the Animal Justice League of America?  If so, look no further than Lunch for the League, hosted by Wally’s Grill & Drafthouse.  The event will take place Saturday July 7th from 11 am to 2 pm. Wally’s Drafthouse has partnered with Treats Unleashed to hold a […]

Pitbull Abuse and Neglect

When most people hear about a pitbull they think aggressive, viscous, dangerous dog.  They think that a pitbull could never be a family dog and will even harm their children.  However, pit bulls are actually one of the most misunderstood breeds of dog alive.  As with any breed of dog, if a dog is raised […]

Report Abuse

Reporting abuse no matter the form…child, human, animal, is important and should never be ignored.  Animal Justice League of America (AJLA) firmly believes in the “See Something Say Something” philosophy.  AJLA believes in this so much that there is a Take Action button at the top of our website where anyone can report animal abuse.  […]

Report Animal Abuse Online

It is common to hear people talk about “see something, say something.” Yes, it has been heard mostly with the reporting of bullying, but this simple statement can be utilized for any aspect of wrongdoing that should be reported — especially animal abuse.  Animal abuse occurs in all species and breeds of animals, but most […]