Helping Animals

Why do we focus on helping animals?  Is it because we love animals? Is it because we’re made to help all of God’s creatures – especially those that can’t help themselves?  Or, maybe because we’ve all known the love of animals over our lives and realize that helping animals is our way of giving back.

For us at Animal Justice League of America, we focus on helping animals because we believe in giving a voice to animals who face abuse and injustice.  We believe helping animals is core to who we are and that we will save MILLIONS of lives.

Here’s the best part – by joining our cause as a volunteer or social media advocate you can make a major difference in helping animals, saving lives, and bringing real justice to those who abuse animals.  

Our founder, Shane Rudman, decide that helping animals who have been (or are being) abused required the same amount of tenacity that brought success in the business world.  Because of that, when we focus on helping animals, we believe success is judged on outcomes, not just words. That is why helping animals requires REAL accountability.

Each year millions of animals suffer from abuse and death because no one is held accountable to their actions.  We work with law enforcement and families to hold abusers accountable and save the lives of animals. Our team has all been helping animals for years and has already saved 10s of thousands of animal lives individually and through Unleashed Pet Rescue.  

Helping animals not only saves animal lives; it also makes human lives far better.  The same people who abuse animals have been shown to also abuse humans (sources on Law Enforcement Page).  By helping animals, each of us makes a incredible difference in the lives of animals and people.  Join us today, follow us, and share us as we save millions of lives through helping animals!