Report Abuse

Reporting abuse no matter the form…child, human, animal, is important and should never be ignored.  Animal Justice League of America (AJLA) firmly believes in the “See Something Say Something” philosophy.  AJLA believes in this so much that there is a Take Action button at the top of our website where anyone can report animal abuse.  It is very important that animal abuse be reportedly immediately!

Animal abuse should not be ignored or assume someone else will report it.  Often time’s individuals will not report abuse because of fear, uncertainty of what to do or lack of resources.  In addition many people think that because there are minimal penalties or charges that can be brought against animal abusers that they will retaliate, go unpunished and/or go back to doing the same thing.  All reports of abuse to Animal Justice League of America remain strictly confidential.  Our organization respects the privacy of the citizens reporting abuse, and acknowledges that without these individuals we would not be able to bring justice to the abused animals.  What many people don’t know is that there is evidence that often the same individuals that abuse animals have or will also abuse humans.  That is why it is so important that if anyone sees an animal being abused that they should report it to local authorities immediately.  Then follow it up by reporting it to Animal Justice League of America.

Our organization, Animal Justice League of America, was created to help bring an end to animal abuse and REAL ACCOUNTABILITY for animal abusers throughout all 50 states.   We work with animal welfare organizations like shelters and rescue groups to save dogs from abusive situations.  We also work with law enforcement to make sure the law is upheld and strict penalties are given to animal abusers.  The efforts of Animal Justice League of America are growing quickly.  The primary mission of this non-profit organization is to end animal abuse through REAL ACCOUNTABILITY.  Animal Justice League of America works to pursue meaningful legal action against animal abusers.  TAKE ACTION – See Something, Say Something!  Follow and support the organization as they begin to make history in the war against animal abuse and give a voice to the countless animals that would be voiceless otherwise.


Content Written By Trudy Parrish