Abused Dog Rescue

The air began to warm as the hot summer sun peeked over the horizon. Thirty-eight little mouths began to pant in the heat of the airless trailer. If the temperature in the decrepit trailer continued to rise, these dogs would die from heat exhaustion. Some were injured, some had pregnant bellies, but all were victims of abuse, victims of hoarding and neglect.

Thankfully, a team of superheroes were on their way to carry out this abused dog rescue.

A tip from an Animal Justice League of America advocate incited a local abused dog rescue shelter to save these tiny lives. The volunteers gently placed dogs into kennels and carriers and loaded them onto the van. Thanks to this AJLA advocate, this abused dog rescue would mark the beginning of a new, happy life for these little ones.

It takes a lot of people to make abused dog rescues like this happen. From the Good Samaritan who reported the neglect to law enforcement to the whole team of kind-hearted people from the shelter, this abused dog rescue was a team effort. Every person mattered and made a difference in rescuing these neglected dogs.

One of the most important parts of an abused dog rescue is reporting the abuse. If you witness any kind of dog cruelty or neglect, report it immediately. AJLA is working tirelessly to end animal abuse, and we need you to help us carry out abused dog rescues by letting us know what you’ve seen or heard.

You can be a part of an abused dog rescue by visiting the AJLA website at www.animaljla.org/take-action/report-abuse/ and reporting abuse. Or you can join the Animal Justice League of America advocate’s group and help support abused dog rescue by teaching others about AJLA. Animal Justice League of America is growing an incredible team of advocates that play a huge part in abused dog rescues. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all of our abused dog rescues.

Sadly, there are a lot of abused dogs out there that need our help. Will you please join our abused dog rescue and be their superhero?

Content Written by Sara Zimmerman