Report Dog Abuse Anonymously

As we continue to say at Animal Justice League of America, “See something, say something.” But that sometimes is easier said than done.  When you see something that is done by a known criminal, most people are afraid to actually report it.  They are scared to call a police station to give them a statement because they know nothing will be done, the only thing that will be done is they could be known as a “snitch.”  They are scared a target will then be placed on them for bringing unwanted attention to a possibly violent criminal.  We understand!  The system in the past has been flawed.  That is why at Animal Justice League of America we have made an easy way to report animal abuse online and anonymously!

At AJLA we understand the concerns.  We have seen first hand the issues that people who witness abuse and report it can face with violent criminals.  It is a known fact that people who abuse animals also abuse people.  That is why we’re here to help.  Under our “take action” page there is a tab to “Report Abuse.”  The information you provide on our site will remain anonymous.  We will continue to investigate your report.

Studies have shown that:

  • Animal abusers have a mental disturbance
  • Murders often start out with torturing or killing animals as children
  • Aggressive and violent criminals generally abused animals as kids
  • Abusers generally target those who are powerless
    • Crimes against animals usually go hand in hand with crimes towards children, spouses, and elderly.
  • Parents who abuse and/or neglect animals generally subject their children to similar situations.
  • Women who have been abused have reported their abuser also injured their animals. One in four of these women stayed with the abusers for fear of leaving their companion animal behind.

Animal Justice League of America WILL put an end to animal abuse.  We will no longer allow communities to turn a blind eye to the abuse.  We will work with local prosecutors’ offices to press charges against these criminals.  We will work with local, state and federal governments to pass stricter animal abuse laws.  We WILL bring justice to the voiceless.  All we need is your help.  Please bring attention to cases of dog abuse by making a report on our website.