Animal Justice League

Have you heard about our team at Animal Justice League?! If not, you are going to be blown away!  Founded by Shane Rudman in April of 2018, the Animal Justice League of America has continued to gain momentum around the country as the put an end to animal abuse.  He has assembled a group of talented professionals to be by his side, fighting for animal abuse to stop once and for all!

Like most of you, we are always heart-broken hearing about so many animals being abused and the senseless acts of cruelty.  Often times when reported, animal abuse falls on deaf ears, which is why so many people refuse to see something, say something.  The team at AJLA is going to put an end to this.  We understand that your local governments are busy dealing with people on people crime, so animal abuse reports fall to the wayside.  Our team of law enforcement professionals are able to investigate cases and provide the prosecutors all the information needed for them to file a criminal case against an abuser.  Animal abuse has to stop.  The team at AJLA is going to make sure it does!  We now have a voice to help stop the abuse and cruelty, and YOU DO TOO!

Thankfully at Animal Justice League of America (AJLA) JUSTICE will happen.  We have a team of advocates who work around the clock making sure animal abuse is no longer tolerated.  Check us out on Facebook, like, follow and share.  You will be amazed at how quickly we are gaining momentum!

Did you know that animals feel pain and fear like we do?  They do not have a voice and are helpless victims.  You ARE their voice.  WE are their voice.  Thank you for helping us, the Animal Justice League of America, come to the rescue.  Reach out to Animal Justice League of America if/whenever you witness abuse to any animal.  We are here to help. AJLA has an army behind us, and a team of lawyers – we will make sure change comes!

Animal Justice League of America is a force that will not stop. Laws will change, and the cruelty will end.