Report Animal Abuse

Often time’s people are aware of dog abuse either by witnessing it themselves or hearing about it from others.  It’s extremely important that animal abuse is reportedly immediately.  Animal abuse should not be ignored or assume someone else will report it.  Sadly because of fear, uncertainty of what to do, lack of resources and minimal penalties or charges, animal abusers often go unpunished and go back to doing the same thing.   Even more frightening, there is evidence that animal abusers are often the same individuals that abuse humans.

There are lots of organizations that anyone can report dog abuse to, however we understand that people are frustrated because they feel the report of abuse will not be taken seriously.   Our organization, Animal Justice League of America, was created to help bring an end to animal abuse and REAL ACCOUNTABILITY for animal abusers throughout all 50 states.   We work with other animal welfare organizations like shelters and rescue groups to save dogs from abusive situations.  We also work with law enforcement to make sure the law is upheld and strict penalties are given to animal abusers.

More people need to be aware that organizations like Animal Justice League of America are available to help stop dog abuse.  If just one person reports one case of dog abuse that is one more dog’s life that can be saved.  It is one more dog that can have the quality of life they deserve in a loving home.  It is one more dog that will have a voice that may otherwise continue being abused.  It is one more dog that will get the justice it deserves along with the justice the abuser deserves.  And most importantly, it is one more dog that does not have to die in vain.

The efforts of Animal Justice League of America are growing quickly.  The primary mission of this non-profit organization is to end animal abuse through REAL ACCOUNTABILITY.  Animal Justice League of America works to pursue meaningful legal action against animal abusers.  Follow and support our organization as we begin to make history in the war against animal abuse and give a voice to the countless animals that would be voiceless otherwise.

Please go to our “Report Abuse” tab if you have seen something and are ready to report it.