Bringing Justice to Animals

In the U.S., there is a lack of formal tracking of animal abuse cases by federal or state agencies, thus, the complete scope of animal abuse in this country is sadly unknown.   This also means the names of animal abusers largely remain in the shadows.

As of January 2016, as a category, animal cruelty was added by the FBI to a national system for reporting.  This report titled Uniform Crime Report is often used in investigative reporting for homicides.  However, approximately one third of the communities in the U.S. participate in this formal reporting, still leaving many animal abuse, animal neglect and animal cruelty cases unaccounted, and leave their abusers anonymous.  When daily cases of organized fighting rings, puppy mills, impostor animal rescues, animal hoarders, and other cases of animal abuse and neglect make the news, these stories may never become part of reporting animal abuse statistics or accountability against the animal abusers.

Animal Justice League of America (AJLA) is systematically working with the general public to take charge in being an animal advocate in cases of reported animal abuse, animal neglect and animal cruelty, while bringing animal abusers into the light and brought to justice.   Its mission is to bring REAL Accountability to the animal abuser and REAL Justice to the voiceless animals of abuse.

AJLA  provides a platform to the general public, offering an easy method to report animal abuse via and our Report Abuse function.  Everyone who has knowledge of animal abuse can easily engage, while ultimately providing greater ability to track animal abusers and aid in building a comprehensive animal abuser registry.

As a team, AJLA consist of an army of animal advocates determined to see animal cruelty eliminated and the full extent of the law applied to gain convictions against these animal abusers.  This team includes talented animal advocates with backgrounds in the law, animal rescue, law enforcement and much more. Using existing anti-cruelty laws, where they exist, and wide variety of other tools and laws, the Animal Justice League of America works relentlessly to bring justice for animal abuse victims who cannot speak for themselves.

Please join the movement.  Follow Animal Justice League of American on Facebook and witness how our team is bringing justice to animals by holding their abusers accountable.

If you witness or suspect a case of animal abuse or animal neglect, go to Animal Justice League of America at and report animal abuse through the site.