Helping Animals at Risk

Helping animals that are a risk for abuse and neglect is something we regularly do at AJLA. There are usually signs that an animal may be being abused or neglected. For instance, if you know your neighbor is being abused and they have a pet, most likely it is being abused as well. The cycle of abuse has a very high chance of starting out with pets to begin with. It is very common for an abuser to have started out on an animal. To help that animal that is being abused, we have to be its voice. Use the “Report Abuse” form on our website if you see something and are ready for our team to investigate it.

Abuse comes in many forms, particularly in the form of neglect.  The worst seasons for this are during the summer and the winter.  Does your neighbor have a dog outside on a chain?  Does this dog have shade?  Shelter?  Does the animal have fresh water that isn’t frozen?  If you find yourself concerned about an animals wellbeing, speak up!  Time and time again, animals can overheat in the summer, or freeze to death in the winter.  Being their voice could save their life.

Abused and neglected animals also include those animals that are a left to fend for themselves after their owner moves out. It is all too common for people to leave innocent animals behind. If you see your neighbors have left their pet behind after the moving trucks are all gone, don’t hesitate to help that animal.

Animal Justice League of America wants to partner with YOU.  Be the voice for the voiceless animals.  Help us help these animals that are at risk.  Without you reporting abuse or neglect, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.  We are here to help!

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