Case Details – Lagertha

Stacie Brewer McGinley, Former Owner of Laggie

 Jeffrey Ray Smith, Accused Shooter of Laggie


Thursday, April 26, 2018 – Dale Carter and his son heard 2 gunshots while Mushroom hunting in the area of Bluff Woods in St. Joseph, MO. They went to investigate and came upon a white female pitbull sitting up with her head hanging, crying in pain having just sustained 2 gunshots to her head.

A silver Chevy Silverado is seen leaving the area of the shooting just moments after shots were heard by Eric Brown.

Dale and Tamara Carter and their family rushed the injured dog to a local vet who is closed. They take the dog to their home where they begin to call vets to see if they can see the dog. One local vet could for a $500 deposit which the Carters did not have. They called Angels Vet express, who agreed to triage the dog and the Carters rushed the dog to their facility 45 minutes away.

Word was spreading on social media of the plight of the dog. Joanna Phillips Bidondo, a volunteer with Unleashed Pet Rescue, saw the news on Facebook and contacted the owner and founder of Unleashed to see if they could help. Danielle Reno told Joanna to “Go”. Joanna and her teenage daughter drove the hour and a half drive to St. Joseph, MO to pick up the dog, as long as she continued to survive, and rush her to Blue Pearl animal hospital in Overland Park KS.

Staff at Blue Pearl and Unleashed Pet rescue were on hand and ready for the emergency care that the dog, now being called Lagertha (which means warrior princess) would need when she arrived.

Lagertha’s injuries were accessed, Fractured skull, shattered jaw, broken teeth, bullet fragments still in her. She was scheduled to have a CT scan the following morning.

Late evening, April 26, 2018, Gina Rudman saw the social media posts about the dog that was shot in St. Joseph, MO. She scrolled quickly due to graphic footage.

April 27, 2018 –  Social media was a buzz with the news of “Laggie”. Gina Rudman received several direct messages from followers through the Facebook page for her dog “Lucky the Pitbull” because he had also sustained a gunshot wound to the head. Gina Rudman sent the story to her husband, Shane, via text message. Shane asked Gina to get him in contact with the people from Unleashed Rescue. Shane and Gina connected with Rebecca Taylor from Unleashed who put them in contact with Danielle Reno.

April 28 – May 4, 2018 – The Rudman’s visited Laggie at Blue Pearl multiple times.

April 29 -AJLA  receives offer from an individual who has worked for the Highway Patrol Crime lab for 30 years to inspect the bullet casings found at the scene of Laggie’s shooting.

Monday, April 30 2018 – Shane met with Jungle Law. They agreed to represent AJLA and the dog.

Shane’s first meeting with the St. Joseph Sheriffs Department.  Several days prior, Shane called multiple times to talk to someone about Laggie being shot and was put on hold or disconnected each time. When he finally talked to a live person he was told the sheriff would be available on Monday. He drove one hour and 45 minutes to St. Joe to hopefully talk to someone in person. After waiting 30 mins he met a less than helpful Captain Tiger Parsons for approximately 5 mins and was told the Sheriff would not be available. It was obvious the Sheriffs department did not want Shane’s or AJLA’s involvement or help. Shane made it very clear to Captain Parsons this case would be solved and he was looking forward to meeting with the Sheriff. Even though that first meeting was less than helpful, Shane and Tiger grew a mutual respect and proved to be very helpful to each other.

Monday, April 30 2018 Afternoon – After the short meeting with “Tiger” Shane went to M’Shoogys Animal resource center to meet with Gary Silverglat. Gary had offered a reward for information about Laggies’s shooter. This was something he normally did as there is widespread abuse of animals in this area. Gary had already received a credible tip. Gary is located in a different county than where Laggies shooting took place and he was concerned of backlash towards him or and his animals if Shane attempted a meeting with that sheriff. Many times Gary knew who was committing these crimes against animals but the sheriff in his county never did anything. The person who called in the tip to Gary told him the shooter of Laggie was Jeff Smith and that Jeff lived with his mother but he wasn’t sure where that was.

On the drive home Shane received information about another dog who had been shot the same day that Laggie had been in the same area of Bluff Woods. Stacey Franklin had gotten this dog the vet care he needed and was caring for him in her home. She named him Moose.

Lots of tips were coming in to the Animal Justice League of America. Three of these were tips about the same person as the shooter. Tips also came in about the owner of Laggie. That information was not hard to confirm.

Tuesday May 1, 2018 – Shane went to St. Joe for the 2nd time to meet with the Sheriffs office. He met with a deputy Whorten. He provided him with the leads we had been given. He was of no help citing that he had not worked on the case. He was going to pass the leads and info on to the deputy that was working the case. Shane met with Stacey and met Moose.

Wednesday May 2, 2018 – Shane meets with Sheriff Puett and does TV interviews with local St. Joe stations with Moose.

Saturday May 5, 2018 – Press conference by Shane at Blue Pearl Overland Park. Laggie leaves the hospital and goes into foster care with Shane and Gina Rudman.

Sunday May 6, 2018 – Shane speaks with Sheriff Puett who is following up on details and leads.

Thursday May 10, 2018 – Shane texts Sheriff Puett to let him know Laggie was doing well and that they would be on KC Live next morning. Shane asked if there were any updates on the case and if there was anything he would like shared on the morning tv show. Sheriff Puett said the investigation is ongoing and they were “trying to contact the suspect”.

Saturday May 12, 2018 – Gina Rudman received the 2nd tip concerning the same individuals through one of the facebook pages she manages for her dogs. Gina forwards the information to Shane who then forwards to the sheriff letting him know he planned to contact the tipsters and asking if the suspects had been contacted yet. Sheriff Puett did not know the answer and suggested Shane call Sergeant Thrasher who had been placed on the case. Shane did this by phone call to the Sergeants office as he did not have his cell phone number at this point.

With the 2nd tip coming in, Shane decided to drive to St. Joe while Gina searched for current addresses, criminal history and evidence of Laggie belonging to the suspects on the internet. Gina provided Shane with the suspected owner’s, Stacie Rae McGinley (maiden name Brewer) partial address and photos. Shane also contacted Sheriff Puett letting him know he was driving up to St. Joe with a current partial address for the suspected owner of Laggie and asked if he would like a deputy to accompany him when he went to the house. Sheriff Puett again suggested Shane contact Sergeant Thrasher for updated info on the case. Shane called the main number for the sheriffs department multiple times and left multiple messages. He was able to obtain Officer Thrashers cell phone number which he texted multiple times with no response.

Shane drove through the neighborhood streets in the area of the partial address for approximately an hour. He found what he believed could be the address and interviewed some children playing in the area. They were able to confirm it was Stacie Brewer McGinley’s house and where Laggie (fka Cali)  had lived. Two girls, an 11 and an 8 year old, told Shane they were Laggie’s owner and their mother’s name was Stacie. The silver Chevy Silverado fitting the description seen leaving the scene of the Laggie’s shooting in Bluff Woods, was sitting in the gravel driveway. The girls told Shane that their parents had had a very big fight the day before Laggie went missing and that their dad had moved out and wasn’t coming back.  They also said their parents were getting a divorce. Shane asked if they knew someone named Jeff Smith. They both responded “Yes he was in the house sleeping.” They said he had moved in the day after their parents big fight, the day Laggie went missing. They offered to go get Jeff Smith but Shane had been told if he was able to find Smith to call the Sheriffs office. Shane exchanged phone numbers with the 11 year old and got Stacie’s phone number. The daughter called her mother in front of Shane. The girl told the mother Shane was there and wanted to meet her. The phone was disconnected. The daughter called her mother back but was repeatedly hung up on. Shane asked the girl to have their mother either call or return his texts. Shane explained that he had Laggie at his home and the truth about what had happened to her. The girls did not believe it was Laggie but went and got her favorite blanket just in case. They wanted Shane to take it to her. Shane paid them $50 dollars for the blanket because they did not have permission from their mother to give the old blanket away.

Shane drove a block away to be able to keep an eye on the house and call the Sheriff so they could come question and possibly arrest Jeff Smith. If it was the Jeff Smith out on parole it would be illegal for him to carry a gun. Shane believed Jeff Smith was the shooter. Two different informants had said he personally told them he shot the dog. He bragged about it and intended on killing more. Shane spent more than 10 minutes on hold with the Sheriff department. The dispatch came on to inform Shane that Deputy Thrasher was busy towing a car so could not respond. Shane was not happy. He demanded he be put through to whoever was in charge when the Sheriff was away. They informed him that no one was there. Shane said he would call the Sheriff on his private cell phone at home then. Dispatch asked he not do that. Shane made it very clear he was getting ready to do just that. Dispatch asked to put Shane on hold again. 10 mins later Sergeant Babcock came on the line to a very frustrated Shane. He explained no one could go to the residence even though they had spent 2 weeks trying to locate Jeff Smith. Shane knew where he was and it was less than 1.5 miles from the Sheriffs office! The Sergeant asked Shane to meet him at the Sheriffs office to develop a plan to approach Jeff Smith. Shane reluctantly agreed. Shane met with Sergeant Babcock and another deputy canine handler for approximately 1.5 hours. They developed a plan that Shane agreed to. Deputy Babcock wanted to drive by the house to run the tags on the silver Chevy Silverado pickup to see if it was the Jeff Smith that should be considered armed and dangerous.

After Shane left the Sheriffs office he received a text message from Stacie. She then called. She told Shane a different story than the 2 girls told him. She then hung up and called back 5 mins later. This time with her phone on speaker. Stacie said she had dropped her phone and it broke so now she could only use the speaker phone. Shane knew that was more than likely untrue and Jeff Smith was sitting with her to hear the conversation. She changed her story again and told a 3rd story. She said she took the kids to school and came home but had forgot to latch the door. Laggie was missing. The other 4 more active dogs were still there but Laggie had run off. She was so embarrassed that she had not shut the door properly she decide to lie  to the kids. She told the children that she took Laggie to the vet because she wasn’t doing well and they had to put her down. She said she was so upset that she could not even take Laggie into the vet and she asked a stranger to take her in and she waited for that person to come back out of the vet office and say that Laggie had crossed the rainbow bridge. She said that  was a lie to protect her own credibility with her children because they get in trouble for not shutting the door properly. She currently believed Laggie was roaming the neighborhood or had been picked up by someone. (This was 17 days after Laggie had been shot.) Shane explained he had Laggie at his home and was on his way there and would take a photo with the blanket to confirm whether or not it was “Cali”. Shane was on the phone with Stacie for approximately 1.5 hours. She continually adjusted or changed her story and it was obvious someone was coaching her.

Shane sent picture to Stacie and she confirmed it was her dog, Cali. She immediately wanted to know how she was going to get “Her” dog back. Shane agreed to go back to St Joe the next day to discuss the case in person.

Sunday May 13, 2018 – Little communication from Thrasher. Shane sends video footage from the previous day to Sergeant Thrasher. Thrasher attempts to get the license plate number for the silver Chevrolet Silverado belonging to alleged shooter, Jeff Smith, but is unable to do so.Thrasher is also unable to get the mother of Jeff Smith’s address or name. (This is believed to be the place he was living before the girls told Shane Jeff had moved in there) Shane is concerned a decision has been made to no longer communicate with him regarding Laggie’s case and expresses his concern to Sheriff Puett through text. Sheriff Puett assures him the guys are working on it and know the standards the PA (prosecuting attorney) will accept concerning evidence for bringing a case. Puett —“Just be advised suspect will be interviewed and case submitted to the PA within next 24 hours”. This did not happen.

Sunday May 13, 2018 – Text conversation with Officer Babcock. Officer Babcock requests any info be emailed to him not texted. Tells Shane that Officer Thrasher is going to try to “wrap this up time permitting”. He also tells Shane to email everything to Officer Thrasher.

Monday May 14, 2018 – Shane provides license plate info to Thrasher as police had been unable to locate the pick up. Shane provides the cell phone number of Stacie McGinley to Thrasher per his request.

Monday May 14, 2018 – Shane agreed to meet with Stacie at 2pm. He goes to her house and no one is there. He calls her phone and it had been disconnected. Shane waited until 3pm and left. He saw a school bus dropping off kids about a mile from Stacie’s house so he decides to go back and wait for the kids to get home from school. When they get home Shane told them he was suppose to meet Stacie at 2pm but she wasn’t home and her phone number wasn’t working. The kids said she had gotten a new phone but they were not allowed to give out the new number. Shane asked the 11 year old to text her mother and find out if they were still going to meet. The 11 year old said her mother was at Applebee’s with a friend. Shane went to the Applebee’s but they had already left in the 10 minutes since 11 year old found out she was there. Shane went back to position himself to be able to see the house from a block away. At about 6pm Jeff Smith’s pickup truck pulled up to the house. By the time Shane pulled up in his jeep and parked behind Smith’s pick up, Stacie was the only one out side. She came to Shane’s passenger window. She said she had forgot about the appointment and appeared very nervous. She said her phone had been turned off for late payment but they had a brand new red iPhone 8. Shane told her he believed Jeff Smith shot the white Pitbull at her request. Shane also told her that because of all of the publicity it might be difficult for them if people found out she was the owner. If she was willing to admit she wanted the dog killed and asked Jeff Smith to do it he would do a joint press release. She was very nervous and obviously lying and changing her story again. Shane said he understood if the dog was sick and they could not afford euthanasia at the vet. If she would just admit it we could educate the community about modern rescue options and Shane would help explain the situation to the media. She said that absolutely did not happen and even if it did, Jeff Smith was not kind of person to admit to anything. She said Jeff was a very good person but was also the most arrogant and angry person she had ever met. She said that he had anger issues and suggested Shane not approach him. She was obviously nervous something might be getting ready to happen. At that moment 2 men came out of the house. One went and stood at the back corner of Shane’s jeep and the other went and got into the pick up. Stacie said that it was Jeff getting in the pick up. She went to the drivers side door of the pick up to talk to Jeff through the window. He started the pick up and the break lights came on. Shane was parallel parked behind Smiths pick up. Smith started revving his engine and Stacie made eye contact with Shane as if to say please back up. The 2nd man was standing at the passenger side rear corner of Shanes jeep. Shane started his jeep and started to back up. The guy standing at the back corner just stood there with his arms crossed staring at Shane through the passenger mirror. Shane slowly backed up to allow Smith to leave but being careful to not hit the guy standing at the back corner. Jeff backed out and left. Stacie became agitated and uncooperative.

The Sheriff had been very open with Shane, and Shane with the Sheriff. Sheriff Puett agreed to support Shane but only if Shane agreed to not approach or try to detain Jeff Smith. Shane had promised he would follow all the Sheriffs suggestions and obey all laws. Shane agreed to buy and start wearing body armor when doing any work near or around this case. There is a well known large dog fighting ring near Acheson and the word had gotten out that 2 people associated with it were concerned with Shane’s “snooping” around. Sheriff Puett and Captain Tiger Parsons had provided vehicle descriptions of the 2 potential suspects to be aware of. They didn’t know if Jeff Smith was an associate of theirs or not but word was out they could possibly be in the drug business together.

Tuesday May 15, 2018 – Threatening letter found in Tamara Carter’s mailbox. “Your are dumb for not leaving that dog alone!” Tamara felt threatened and called authorities.

Friday May 18, 2018 – Gina Rudman receives information via Facebook from someone who lived close to Stacie McGinley regarding Laggie’s former living conditions. “They were horrible”. The person had called animal control multiple times about it and had given Laggie water on several occasions claiming she never had any. Shane forwards this information to Sheriff Puett immediately. Sheriff Puett tells Shane he will send this info on to Officer Parsons, then tells Shane that Officer Parsons is off that day.

Saturday May 19, 2018 – “They are trying to locate the suspect-hopefully located this weekend and a case submitted by Monday.” This is the 2nd time Sheriff Puett tells Shane that they believe they will be submitting a case soon. Shane informs Sheriff Puett that with the network he has established and people helping him with the case that he is able to find Jeff Smith within an hour. Shane informs Sheriff Puett that the suspect failed to appear at the courthouse for another charge earlier in the week. Shane informs Sheriff Puett about the incident occurring at Stacie McGinleys house in which Jeff Smith revved his engine and appeared to be going to ram the Jeep Shane was driving and also that the Silver Chevy Silverado is registered to someone other than Jeff Smith. Shane requests another meeting with Sheriff Puett. It is scheduled for 9 am Monday morning, May 21, 2018

Monday 9am May 21, 2018 – Sheriff Puett explains they have spent more money in 5 days on this investigation and trying to locate Jeff Smith than they ever have on any investigation including murders. Shane explains his frustration because he has had Jeff Smith twice but the Sheriffs office had failed to respond. Text messages will show Shane was doing all he could to help the Sheriff’s office and make sure they got the positive credit. Shane’s goal at this meeting was to get Sheriff Puett to agree to write an introduction letter to other police chiefs and Sheriffs to make Shane’s job a little easier in the future. It had taken three 4 hour round trips just to get a chance to meet the Sheriff Puett and Shane hoped an introduction letter would shorten that first face to face meeting with the next LEO. Sheriff Puett started to hint at the idea that no matter what he and his men did, Ron Holiday was the prosecutor and would decide whether or not charges would be filed. It was obvious there was tension between the Sheriff and the prosecutor. The Sheriff had started to be a little bit more open and on with his frustration with St Joseph crime. He explained he had served at the department for 32 years and unfortunately St Joe was no longer the town he had grown up in. He was extremely frustrated that every night since he had been Sheriff there had be gunshots fired in town. Shane mentioned it couldn’t be that bad but the Sheriff emphasized NO! It was! There had been gun fire announced on his scanner at home each and every night since he had been Sheriff. He mentioned Ron Holiday had pretty high standards for bringing a case and even though Shane felt like he had a mountain of evidence Ron might not being willing to press charges. The Sheriff smiled and said now I know Ron hasn’t met you yet, but you just need to know what you are up against. Shane asked Sheriff Puett to set up a meeting with Prosecutor Holiday. The Sheriff said he would have Captain Parsons tell Ron I wanted to meet but he couldn’t guarantee he’d meet.

Monday May 21, 2018 11:00 am – Shane meets with Gary at Angel Vet Express. A person Jeff Smith had recently spent time with had called Gary to report that on Saturday May 19, Jeff was bragging about shooting the white Pitbull and thought it was funny that people were making such a big deal about it. He even said police had told him they were not going to do anything about it so not to worry. The reason the mechanic had called Gary was because Jeff said he was getting ready to kill Stacie’s brindle Pitbull because he was an escape artist. The brindle Pitbull had cost them $150 within a day or 2 of him shooting Laggie because animal control had picked him up. The fines and boarding fees added up to about $150 dollars and there was too much heat at the moment because of the white Pitbull. He was killing the brindle pittie soon. The mechanic was hoping we would go take the dogs from Stacie so they would not be killed.

Shane called the Sheriff to tell him about the 3rd witness. The Sheriff told him to contact Captain Parson because the Captain was just getting ready to present the case to Ron Holiday.  Shane contacted the Captain and he informed Shane he didn’t think Ron would accept that as evidence. He said Mr Holiday didn’t consider the criminal admitting the crime to another person as evidence. Unless the criminal admitted the crime directly to a LEO or a person actually witnessed the crime taking place, Ron did not consider it evidence. Shane didn’t believe that. Captain Parsons and Shane had built a mutual respect and Captain Parsons said he explained to Ron that Shane would not accept that as answer and he would have to meet with Shane.

Shane called Ron and asked for a meeting. Ron said there was no reason to meet but Shane would not take no for an answer. Ron finally told Shane to call his office the next day and he would see if he could find a time. Shane called the next day and scheduled to meet Wednesday May 23 at 10:00am.

Wednesday May 23, 10:00am  – Shane met with Ron Holliday, PA for over an hour. arrives at 9:55. He waits for 40 mins as Ron walks around the office drinking coffee and visiting with different people. He just seemed to be killing time. Shane asked the receptionist if Ron knew he was there. She said yes and wasn’t sure why he hadn’t asked me back to his office yet. Ron finally invited Shane into his office and made Shane aware that he only had 10 mins. Shane said fine and explained who he was and why he was there. Ron apologized and said he had all the time Shane needed. Ron told 2 stories over the next 45 mins. The first was how he was unfairly stopped by police when he was young. He and his brother were driving in his brothers red corvette near St Louis when they were pulled over and cuffed faced down. There had been a bank robbery and a red corvette was the get away car. He said he was extremely frighten for the 10 mins they were cuffed until the real criminals were caught. He said it formed his opinion about the justice system in America and he believed someone had to be very guilty to be prosecuted. Shane mentioned that Captain Parsons said Ron would never accept evidence where a criminal admitted a crime to another person. He said that was not necessarily true. He said it could be considered in the totality of the evidence but could not carry much wait because people lie. Shane said what about 3 separate unrelated witnesses that all said the same thing. He said he would take it into consideration. The second story was about an award he received from the National Audubon Society for enforcing a ticket that had been written because a guy had shot either a cardinal or a robin. Shane couldn’t remember. Ron was prepared to continue to talk but Shane had figured out Prosecutor Holiday seemed more concerned with his conviction rate than fighting crime to help clean up his community. Shane now felt like he understood where Sheriff Puett’s frustration came from.

Friday May 25, 2018 –  Shane was informed what he already suspected. Ron Holiday never intended to bring charges in a dog case.

Tuesday May 29, 2018 – Shane texts Sheriff Puett to ask for a meeting with he and Ron Holliday for the next day. Sheriff responds he is out of the office for the next 3 days citing a friends surgery. Shane sends well wishes and adds that he will only need 30 minutes and whenever works for them he will make it work.

Friday June 1, 2018 – Shane texts Sheriff Puett to confirm a meeting time for this day and explains he needs a 2 hour “heads up” so he can make the drive up. Sheriff Puett responds that he doesn’t have a meeting scheduled with Shane for that day and that he will not be able to meet. Shane had been trying to schedule this meeting since Tuesday and the sheriff was not in the office. Shane suggests a conference call would be easier and is willing to make anytime work within and outside of normal business hours. Shane explains that this needs to happen or the wheels of motion will already be turning and will be hard to stop. Sheriff Puett responds that Ron Holliday will not be able to meet at all. Shane goes to St. Joe and meets with Sheriff Puett at 3:00 pm.

Shane apologizes for what is going to happen in the future. He reminds Sheriff Puett of their first meeting. Shane had apologized then that Buchannon County was AJLA’s first case. That the next department will better understand how serious Shane intends to take these cases. That the entire world is going to better understand our legal process. AJLA brings a very bright light of both traditional and social media. Shane’s goal of AJLA is to end animal abuse through REAL accountability, would be reached or he would die trying. Shane comes from a law enforcement family. His father in law was a deputy sheriff in charge of canines for 20 years before being forced into early retirement because of a duty induced injury. Shane’s older brother is a deputy sheriff in Northern California. He intends to do all he can to support LEO’s in animal abuse cases. Shane understood with so much people on people crime, animal abuse was and is just not a priority. Shane intends to help with the investigations for LEO’s so they can get more prosecutable cases. Sheriff Puett apologized that they weren’t able to get the results they both wanted. He believed Jeff Smith was guilty and wished he could be prosecuted. Shane made it clear he intended to make EVERYTHING public. Shane really likes Sheriff Puett and because of that he was going to give the Sheriff the opportunity to come clean and be honest with the uphill battle he was facing. Shane believed many of the deputies were extremely incompetent and irresponsible. Maybe not intentionally but they were not competent and the community was not safe because of that incompetence. Shane intended on making the facts and his opinions public. If the Sheriff wanted a chance to plead his case he better speak now or forever hold his peace. The Sheriff decided to get honest. He said he is fighting a losing battle. He can’t even get a competent person to apply for a job with the department. He explained 3 of his best up and coming guys with 5-7 years of experience had quit 12 months earlier all within 2 weeks. Shane asked why? He said the were driving a truck at the quarry or landfill. They could make more money, work better hours, with better benefits, and have more respect in the community. He said the past few years the image of LEO’s has been so damaged and that his best quality people were leaving. He said he has had 4 jobs posted for the past year and no one has even applied that he could recommend to work at a McDonald’s. He feels beat down and knew things needed to change. They needed to change fast or they will lose their community to the criminal element. Shane believes Sheriff Puett is a good man, good leader, and a good LEO. He is in an impossible situation. Shane believes the St Joseph community needs to be told the truth so they can step up. They need to increase pay and benefits for the Sheriff department. He also believes they need to find a prosecutor that is more concerned with fighting crime rather than the percentage of cases they win. Ron Holiday has been in the prosecutors office since 2004. Just go research St Joseph last 14 years track record on crime.

In summary…Shane is working cases in city’s and states all across the Midwest. St Joseph is a pretty good example of what LEO’s are facing. It used to be a hero’s job. Today in many communities, LEO’s are under paid and under appreciated. Because of that they are not attracting the quality recruits they need. Shane believes its time for the LEO’s leadership to get very honest with the American people with what they are facing before it is too late. That being said, the abuse and cruelty of animals has NEVER been taken seriously by law enforcement, even when the job was a respected one. It is AJLA’s goal and mission to change this fact and to give innocent animals a voice, to get justice for said animals and ultimately to END the abuse and cruelty.

***Screenshots of all text messages available upon request.