AJLA Etiquette Guidelines

At Animal Justice League of America we are working to end animal abuse through REAL accountability.

As we continue to grow and continue to make strides against animal abusers, we understand that we will continue to see personalities of more and more people in our network.  We ask that all members of our AJLA Community (executive team, advocates, followers, supporters) conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner online and in person at AJLA events.  We would like to continue to maintain our high standards of integrity and good judgement.

The internet has brought many wonderful tools and resources, but it also has provided a way for people to hide behind their screens and bully, harass, and discriminate against others.  We understand that when you are working with thousands, and soon to be millions, of people that not everyone will agree – and that is ok!  We are all different and view the world in different ways.  We do not want anyone to not be able to share their opinions.  We would, however, like to request that if you do disagree with something we have posted (or another supporter has posted) on our website, Facebook or Instagram, that you hold yourself to a higher standard.  Before posting something that could be seen as derogatory, harassing or bullying, ask yourself:

  • Would I want someone to say these things to my spouse/children/siblings/parents?
  • Could what I say be taken as a threat?
  • Am I belittling someone online?
  • Would I choose these words when having a conversation with someone in person?
  • Would I want my employer to see my post?

Animal abuse can, and does, get all of us heated.  We all must work together to end this injustice.  If you disagree with someone on one of our posts, please choose your words wisely.  Help them understand your point of view, but without the use of discriminating or harassing remarks.  AJLA does not discriminate based on age, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability, sexual preference or any other discriminatory category.  We do not condone harassment with derogatory comments or remarks, slurs, negative stereotypes, threats, graphic content, or intimidation.

We have partnered with E3 Scholarship Fund and BulliedButNotBroken to help rid the world of abuse, not just towards animals, but towards people as well.  Bullying towards anyone or anything, whether online or in person, goes against everything that AJLA stands for.

Please continue to join us and have lively conversations about how to make our world a better place.  We appreciate your support.  We appreciate all the differences in opinions.  We appreciate you taking the time to understand our stance on keeping our online community a positive one for all.

Thank you.