Ending Animal Abuse

The Fight to End Animal Abuse Starts NOW

The Animal Just League of America is on the forefront of the fight to end animal abuse.  Many other organizations have started this fight, but AJLA is out end animal abuse it once and for all through REAL accountability for those who abuse animals.  The most critical part of this fight is to AJLA’s message out to the public that they need to act when they see animal abuse and report it.  The Animal Justice League encourages the public to get involved and report animal abuse to their Facebook page or website AnimalJLA.org.  Reporting animal abuse and cruelty is the first step in holding those who abuse accountable in the fight to end animal abuse.

Many states and local jurisdictions don’t have uniformed means of reporting animal abuse.  It can even change within the same jurisdiction depending on the person or department you speak to.  In addition, animal abuse and cruelty can be defined differently from place to place.  There is not an animal abuse hotline people can make reports to.  That is until now.  The Animal Justice League of America has created their own hotline available to everyone across the United States to make reports of animal abuse to one organization that will see to it that these case are investigated and those that abuse are made accountable for their actions.  AJLA is out to end animal abuse NOW.

We all want to see a world where animal abuse is no longer a problem.  In order for us to see that day, we need your help.  We will continue the fight, but please help us get our message out.  See something – Say Something!  As always, please continue to like, follow, and share our posts.  It takes a village!