Helping Animal Shelters

Supporting Animal Justice League of America and Helping Animal Shelters: What You Can Do

It was a race against the tick, tick, ticking of the clock. And the trophy…dodging death.

That was the sad reality for a sweet boy named Boss who was surrendered to an over-crowded animal shelter. And with no room in the shelter and no family to foster, Boss would be euthanized.

But Animal Justice League of America saved this pup’s life and is working to help animal shelters all over the United States do the same. AJLA wants to ensure every animal gets a second chance at life.

Our fast-rising non-profit is comprised of a stellar team of passionate people dedicated to ending animal abuse. Part of AJLA’s mission is to help animal shelters make sure their doors are always open to abused and neglected animals, and work with these shelters to turn into no-kill facilities. Animal Justice League of America wants to make sure no animal is ever turned away or that lack of resources makes euthanasia the “best” option.

It’s a gut-wrenching truth and, all too often, common scenario. Many shelters are forced to euthanize animals that come into their care simply because there aren’t enough resources—not enough food, not enough space, not enough money.

Animal Justice League of America is committed to helping animal shelters become no-kill shelters. AJLA will help shelters acquire the resources they need to be successful and thrive as life-saving havens and sanctuaries for homeless animals.

Here are five simple ways you too can help animal shelters:

  • Follow AJLA on Facebook. The greater the support, the greater number of shelters that can be helped.
  • Visit where you can let AJLA know about animal shelters that may need help.
  • Adopt an animal in need of a loving home. Adopting a pet helps animal shelters continue providing life-saving services to other animals.
  • Become a pet foster parent. Fostering an animal is great for helping animal shelters because it opens more space for incoming animals.
  • Donate whatever time, talent or treasure you have to offer. Whether it be money, skills, materials like food, treats, or toys, or just simply love, your offerings make a difference.

Join Animal Justice League of America as we work to help animals like Boss whose time is running out. AJLA can help animal shelters so that no more animals have to face that ticking clock.