Urgent: Veterinarians needed!

Needed by September 1

Due to retirement, illness, and family changes/issues all happening simultaneously, the need for these positions at Angel’s Vet Express is URGENT:

  • Veterinarians looking for full time employment
  • Retired veterinarians looking to work part time
  • Veterinarians that can give 1 day a week from their current practice to keep this covered until full time vets are found

For inquiries about the positions, please call  816-324-5824 and speak to Gary or Lisa.

At Animal Justice League of America our hearts are always with animals throughout the nation and with the people who fight the fight daily to ensure their safety.

When Laggie was found in St. Joseph, Missouri shot in the head and bleeding, her first stop was at Angel’s Vet Express in Savannah.  Gary and his wife, Lisa, stepped in after vet after vet turned her away.  Without their generosity, our sweet Laggie would not be living a life of bliss.

Now, Gary and his family need your help.  This is why we are reaching out to our network of friends and followers.  Please help us help Gary.  They are running out of time.  There is a shortage of doctors who can help his practice and without others stepping in, they will have to shut their doors.

Angel’s operates as the most affordable veterinarian option for animals in the region.  Their low-cost services have made them a trusted resource for pet owners, shelters, and veterinarians throughout the area.  When a family is facing an expensive surgery bill at their traditional vet’s office, the only option besides Angel’s is euthanasia.

There are millions of animals euthanized each year, and without the help of Gary and his team at Angel’s, that number will continue to grow.  Dogs who face infection, lost limbs, temporary bouts of paralysis, parvo, blindness, and other impairments are all regularly put down because the options to help them are too expensive.  Angel’s never turned them away and found ways to save each one if they could.  Their compassion and caring for animals is unmatchable.  Please, help us help Angel’s keep their doors open to continue to save the animals throughout our region.

Angel’s Vet Express is the first of their kind in the United States.  Without their help, thousands of animals are at risk of dying without the proper emergency and affordable care.

Their dedication to the animals is evident with the fact that Gary and his wife have both worked for 32 years straight without a day off.  That’s right.  They’ve worked 11,688 days without a single day off!

Gary trusts our organization so much that he has pledged his help and resources to AJLA.  He and his wife Lisa have graciously pledged 100% of their entire debt free practice and animal shelter to our organization.

It is vital that we come together to help them continue to help our community of animals and animal lovers.  Their practice is not just local.  They have served almost 30,000 animals and their human parents from Johnson County, Kansas over the past couple years alone.  This proves how important Gary and his wife are to the Kansas City Metro.  Being 2 hours north of Johnson County, pet owners and shelters make the trek to get their trusted services at prices they can actually afford.

We cannot allow Angel’s to close its doors.  Too many animals are at risk.  Reach out to your friends, neighbors, veterinarians and ask them to help and volunteer their time.  If Angel’s has helped save your animal like they helped save Laggie, help us spread the word about their amazing organization.

It is time for us to join together and find a solution for Angel’s.  Reach out to your network and help us keep the doors open so thousands of pets can get the care they deserve.

For inquiries about the available positions, please call  816-324-5824 to speak to Gary or Lisa.